Artistically distinctive, functionally creative and finely crafted in the US.

The bespoke hardware is made of the finest materials by local artisans passionate about their craft. JKC&D upholds an unparalleled standard of excellence both in design and service, combining a jewelry design esthetic with a whimsical approach to functionality. Founded in 2015 by partners Jessica K. Cushman and Judy K Dimon, dynamic women who bring a refreshing perspective to the hardware industry. Designed and produced in their Connecticut studio and workshop, these one-of-a-kind pieces stand out as functional art.

JKC&D sells directly to trade and has the capability to design and produce bespoke hardware for essentially any project. We are able to work within any budgetary limitation. Our design and engineering teams work in conjunction with interior designers, architects and homeowners to bring unique designs to life. We mix unprecedented materials with the finest metals to fashion unique functional hardware. 



KC&D has partnered with HERE TO HERE, a new initiative incubated by DreamYard and Big Picture Learning in the South Bronx. HERE TO HERE identifies, cultivates, and supports win-win partnerships between young people, their families, educators, employers and community based organizations to enhance paths to rewarding employment.

In many low-income neighborhoods, such as the South Bronx, the chances of a young person getting a high school degree and an employer recognized post-secondary credential critical for family-sustaining jobs is at best 20%. HERE TO HERE's overarching goal is to flip the odds so that young people, ages 14-25 growing up in low-income neighborhoods, have a good chance of getting what they need to succeed and for our economy to thrive.

In this partnership, JKC&D will build on DreamYard's longstanding collaboration with the Parsons School of Design to provide students with technical knowledge and business experience, while earning a stipend and a credential valued in the labor market. Students will learn how to apply their designs to an exclusive line of hardware. Plus, students will acquire the skills and experience needed to continue their education and to qualify for well paying jobs. And we are thrilled that, 50% of the profits from JKC&D will go to help sustain, improve and scale HERE TO HERE.


About our founders


Jessica grew up in a house brimming with creativity – her father was renowned furniture designer Vladimir Kagan and her mother, the Grand Dame of needlework Erica Wilson. Jessica’s interest in jewelry design blossomed at an early age stringing shells and bits of flotsam and jetsam into necklaces on the beach in Nantucket, where Jessica spent her summers. By the time Jessica was in her mid-20s she had developed a full-blown obsession with fashion and jewelry. After operating a successful jewelry company, Jessica is translating her love of art into functional architectural hardware. Read more


Judy, who many describe as a self-taught artist, has a creative side that is apparent in her career, philanthropic endeavors and her daily life. Judy’s office and home are adorned with pieces she has collected and created over the years. Her interest in unexpected and unique design most recently translated to her home and office when she worked with Jessica Kagan Cushman to develop whimsical hardware for the cabinetry in several rooms. The experience inspired Judy and Jessica to co-found JKC&D, a company producing hardware that is as visually and intellectually stimulating as it is functional. Using distinctive messaging, symbols, designs and materials, JKC&D hardware is designed to help inspire, entertain and empower people where they live, work and play.

In addition to her role as co-founder of JKC&D, Judy continues to work on collective impact initiatives that improve the odds and outcomes for America’s youth living in low income neighborhoods.  In 1994, she helped establish the National Center for Community Schools with the Children’s Aid Society.  Since then, the Center has facilitated the development of over 15,000 community school adaptions nationally and internationally.  In 2000, she co-founded The Campaign to Expand Community Schools in Chicago, a $50 million public-private partnership to expand the hours of operation, provide enhanced programming for students and parents, and offer on-site health care in 150 of Chicago’s public schools. In 2014, she helped pioneer South Bronx Rising Together, a broad based grassroots collaboration focused on revitalizing the South Bronx, where 65% of children are born into poverty. Judy’s current civic focus is on developing career pathways, so that young people from low income neighborhoods can attain family sustaining careers. Read more

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